About us

We are a group of experts positioned to make the academic life of students easier as well as the career life of professionals. It is a known fact that school work could be tasking, demanding and time-consuming. In this fast-paced world, it is important to leverage on opportunities at every instance. Stiilus Inc. is the solution for both students and professionals who desire help in one way or the other in the pursuit of academic and career excellence.

When students begin with their professional career, their everyday activities are almost doubled, and their concentration gets shredded in a wide span of work responsibilities. It becomes very tedious for students to stay focused on their education alongside their busy life. In this condition, students’ last resort is always a "fire brigade" approach just to meet deadlines, with emphasis placed on just getting the job done and not the quality of the work. They realize their mistake when they get their grade sheets but then unfortunately it is too late to rectify that mistake. Similarly, Business professionals find it difficult to strike the balance between job and work - a major determinant of career success or failure.

We are the first in Nigeria to offer superb quality of work with the greatest proof of its authenticity and professionalism. We understand all the modern requirements of the students as well as professionals and we give desired solutions according to selected standard. We know the importance of essays and other project writing assignments in students’ life and keeping this importance in mind, we offer professional writing facilities to our clients towards the achievement of desired results and objectives.

Our services of custom writings are not only restricted to specific academic disciplines, we always welcome students and professionals of different educational/career fields and we deliver the best quality bespoke writing.

Our Vision The vision of Stiilus is to be the global leader in the provision of top notch writing support services. Our goal is to provide exceptional writing support services to all our clients at affordable prices. We strive for excellence and it reflects in every thing we do. We take the burden off students and professionals, enabling them focus on other areas of academic work and life. What we do is to inquire, discern, act and deliver. We partner with our clients towards a fulfilling career life.

Our Ethos We embrace excellence, competence and sincerity and these permeate into our standards. We do not compromise on what we believe in which is reflected in our core ethos of:

Professionalism – we provide high-quality services towards customer satisfaction in a most proficient and ethical way.

Integrity – we say what we mean and mean what we say. We also write what we mean and mean what we write. We believe in honesty and provide services according to your money’s worth.

Excellence – If it doesn’t cut it, you don’t get it. Why give you what you will not like? The best is what we guarantee and we do not settle for less.